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The professional development of first-class products, grain grain dryer
Main products: grain drying tower | corn drying machine | corn drying tower

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    About Us

    Kaifeng city abundant Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic and foreign food, food, chemical and other industries to provide professional manufacturers of drying equipment. The company's core products for large and medium-sized corn dryer, corn drying tower, rice dryer and other grain dryer series products. The company's core products of a variety of models to obtain the national agricultural machinery promotion identification, to provide customers with safe and stable products and services to provide protection.

    The company has strong technical strength, perfect production equipment, detection means, product marketing in Northeast, North and northwest and many countries, praised by users at home and abroad, the customer is in storage, large grain traders and farmers preferred food drying equipment.

    In the course of many years of development, the company has been tracking and introduction, digestion and absorption of food drying industry cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, for the enterprise to market high-quality grain dryer to provide strong technical support. Character determines the product, the product reflects the character. "The problem with your production is our subject". Kaifeng abundant Machinery Co., Ltd. and you work together to create a win-win situation.