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    Continuous improvement of application technology in grain dr
    Grain dryer with Francis drying process, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, low broken rate, grain drying after sells goods, is a set of efficient energy-saving drying process, moisture on-line detection technology, wireless communication technology, modern equipment system of grain drying control technology, efficient processing and drying system in smoke one, make full use of natural energy, to achieve high-quality, efficient, energy saving and environmental protection to grain drying. The automation of the grain drying tower improves the economic benefit, so that all the items in the grain reach the ideal value. Grain drying tower automation to improve food quality, drying grain moisture uniformity is small, part of the heat scene does not appear during storage of grain, bright color, the process is shortened and the crushing rate decreased after drying grain quality guaranteed.
    The production of grain dryer can dry rice, corn, wheat, soybean, rapeseed, improved grain drying tower with high performance is more stable, the high pace of production efficiency, the use of mixed reflux technique, improved internal air duct design, low temperature drying process, make into the corn drying machine is not dead, do the comprehensive drying corn grain, do not touch the ground, outside moisture inside pores, seal moisture in corn drying when discharging, the corresponding fast drying, corn in inside the tower so long time, drying and natural drying color color is the same, the effective guarantee of corn drying quality.
    Hoist, hoist drive mechanism, tower hoist, fixed seat, air main pipe, exhaust pipe, hoist belt tension regulating mechanism, a feed hopper, circulating feed hopper, grain storage bucket under uniform velocity, grain discharge mechanism, circular conveyor, castors. Design of grain drying tower has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable distribution of hot air, drying, automatic grain winnowing, cleaning, circulation, two-phase and three-phase electric power can be, there is no difference between the dried grain color, smell, and quality of dried wheat gluten is not reduced, not increased rice crack ratio, corn paste not crisp no, the grain breakage. Anthracite combustion heating, high thermal efficiency, fuel saving is also the characteristics of Hong Hong mobile grain dryer
    The grain dryer is drying equipment for the food, with the continuous development of technology of grain dryer of agricultural machinery are constantly improving, the grain dryer operation of a superior performance is very simple, grain drying tower in use does not appear big fault, continuously improve the new technology to adapt to the user the demand for quality of grain drying machine is very stable, failure is solved, the grain dryer in the use of problems:
    1 grain drying tower of the grain filling mechanism, can cause food coke paste, jam is the reason that the food is not cleaned up in time, too many impurities, regularly clean the inside of the grain dryer.
    2 grain color change and fire, the reason is that the grain in the tower body of local blockage, poor circulation of food. Local non flowing or slow flow of food by the high temperature drying medium for a long time, did not get rid of impurities can produce coke particles, in the high temperature drying medium for a long time, easy to fire. Solve the method to strengthen the clean-up tower body flow of grain flow.
    3 grain drying tower appeared crack in use, this is the result of food clogging grain dryer temperature is too high, the best response is to reduce the fuel supply, feeding on the uneven, it will cause some corn long heating time, high temperature, dehydration speed, will cause the cycle not even, increase rate of damage.