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    Technical content of corn dryer in drying process
    Corn dryer science and technology show a leading role. By the national chemical industry continued to promote the development of the situation, the corn dryer market situation is stable, the manufacturers generally obtained a better operating performance. At present, the remarkable characteristics of the chemical industry of the corn drying machine are the increasing role of the technical content. This and the past sales of products mainly rely on price competition has been very different. Some of the high technical content of drying equipment, pay attention to the development of new products manufacturers, increasing efficiency; on the contrary, some of the products with low technological content, new products and new technology development capacity of enterprises, the benefits began to decline.
    Drying industry expect the drying tower equipment manufacturing industry in accordance with the requirements of high quality, low energy consumption, environmental protection requirements to adjust the product structure, to further strengthen basic research, lay the foundation for application research and development. Corn dryer in the technical aspects, to strengthen the automation, testing, manufacturing processes and materials, material design and other aspects of research. Corn drying machine in the application of research and development, it is necessary to pay attention to the international exchange and cooperation, but also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property; not only to the development of new technology and new applications, but also pay attention to the traditional process and the traditional application fields of reform and innovation.
    Corn drying machine tube is based on particles in the constant speed stage and relationship between acceleration section heat transfer coefficient and flow velocity in different isokinetic segment, relative velocity of air and particles is equal to the settling velocity of particles, so the absolute value of the coefficient of heat flow velocity, flow velocity and acceleration in the. The relative velocity of airflow and particles is larger and the average heat transfer coefficient is also higher. The drying tube entrance to airflow velocity of 30 m / s design about accelerating section diameter corn drying machine, and to uniform section diameter principle set exit velocity, the acceleration and constant drying period of two segments.
    What are the characteristics of the new corn dryer:
    1, a new type of transmission device, compared to the general grain drying tower, saving nearly 20% of coal consumption, cost savings for customers, is to create value for our customers.
    2, the use of multi-level purification and dust removal equipment, to meet the environmental requirements and higher than the national standard, reducing equipment for environmental pollution, is reflected in the embodiment of social responsibility.
    3, professional quality, trustworthy.
    China's agricultural production restrictions, only large corn drying machine is the production of food processing enterprises only a handful of suitable configuration for small and medium scale grain production households, which do not need to deal with such a large amount, also did not have enough money to support these large machinery, forcing the grain dryer production equipment small manufacturers to accelerate the process of grain dryer, new corn drying machine now perfectly meet the small scale food production business requirements.