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    The structure design of food drying tower season COFCO Grain
    Autumn is the harvest season, is the same, grain drying tower and food machinery used in the drying drum is arranged inside the season, different angles of the guide plate of the structure of Yang, can ensure the material in the drying time, under the influence of gravity according to the preset operation, copy board of spiral path to move forward in the grain dryer drum inside the material is heated evenly.
    The grain drying tower is a material heating drying device with the rotary cylinder sleeves listed in the material by the spiral vane and discontinuous spiral lifting plate by drying the inside and outside cylinder between return and feed process. The quality of the grain drying tower is good: the grain drying tower adopts the settlement structure to reduce the pollution of the dust to the material. High temperature rapid process to reduce the loss of organic elements in materials. Online moisture monitoring, fuzzy control, so that the material after drying moisture uniformity.
    At present in the country with a large number of high technology enterprises is gradually on the rise, improve the efficiency of drying equipment, the technical level of grain dryer products has gradually increased, and the elements of green environmental protection are constantly increasing. As the grain dryer enterprises will, in the light of its general trend green elements in various forms are widely used in the brand marketing strategy. With the increasingly fierce competition, it is necessary to improve the quality of grain drying tower by drying technology and absorbing advanced technology.
    In order to ensure that the quality of the dried lignite is not constant, the grain drying tower adopts a low temperature four stage drying process, and the water is evaporated to the water content of less than 13%. The room temperature drying area of 120 DEG -210 DEG, crushing device in the drum by repeated impact, scattered materials, downstream drying; four drying zone for high exhaust area, room temperature of 60 DEG -80 DEG, depending on the wind system is in low temperature hot air pressure to exclude moisture.
    Green environmental protection and energy saving has become a very popular topic, and was listed as one of the important customer selection considerations for grain dryer, drying equipment industry is not backward, will upgrade the green environmental protection technology against the elements, it is a popular trend, but also the development of a rational thinking process.
    Feeding machine, drying drum, transmission device, feeding machine, induced draft fan and distribution cabinet. Copy board multiple spiral arrangement in a cylinder, driven by rotating the copy board cylinder will raise lees ceaselessly, to prevent the material bonding the cylinder wall and the copy board impacting device of cylinder wall, raise the material flow in full contact with the incoming wind system to speed up the drying of the heat, heat transfer and mass transfer. Evaporation, drying, discharged from the discharge port. The grain drying tower has the advantages of high mechanization degree, large production capacity, continuous operation, convenient operation, less failure, low maintenance cost and low power consumption.