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    Application of corn dryer before grain storage
    Corn drying machine in the structure due to the transmission part is relatively small, not prone to failure in use, but also not to say that not because of technical level of different manufacturers, is a problem, some manufacturers cut corners, use of substandard, poor durability of the components, in the use of corn drying machine caused by failure or due to the internal structure the drying tower is unreasonable, sometimes the fault can easily be excluded, there is another situation will cause the dryer equipment downtime, seriously affect the normal production of our.
    The grain drying process of corn drying machine brand is a symbol of enterprise, occupy the market to obtain the best benefit and good reputation of the market competitive performance for many times, the brand of the contest, who brand hard, whose product competitiveness is strong. No brand, simply relying on price competition, we can not become outstanding enterprises, it is impossible to truly become bigger and stronger, users buy brand buy dryer is used after the rest of your product drying tower performance certainly.
    Corn drying machine tube is based on particles in the constant speed stage and relationship between acceleration section heat transfer coefficient and flow velocity in different isokinetic segment, relative velocity of air and particles is equal to the settling velocity of particles, so the absolute value of the coefficient of heat and air velocity on the corn drying machine in the airflow speed is accelerated large, relative velocity of gas and particle between the larger, the average heat transfer coefficient is also higher. The drying tube in the entrance flow velocity of 30 m / s design about accelerating section diameter, and to uniform section diameter of the principle set out exit velocity, the acceleration section and the constant velocity section of drying section two.
    1, drying quality, moisture, and drying can be adjusted at any time.
    2, more environmentally friendly, automatic drying tower, discharge dust standards, to achieve environmental awareness.
    3, corn dryer more adaptable, effective control of plugging material.
    The main power fuse, shutdown circuit not caused by the corn drying machine does not work; it is simple to check out, just cut off the power supply, check circuit is intact, if there is a fuse, replacing the fuse on the line. Corn drying machine overload the temporary shutdown, this phenomenon is mainly caused by the factors of the material feeding quantity caused by excessive; the main words you need to cut off the power supply of tube material to do some load to remove what equipment.
    When the corn drying machine drying material doped with foreign equipment beyond that caused downtime; because the drying tower is drying for straw material crops with less hardness, if accidentally mixed with greater hardness or larger foreign body, is bound to cause the corn drying machine can not operate normally, by shutting down corn drying this machine, just after the power of foreign body check and clean it.