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    Adjustment and maintenance in operation of corn dryer
    Corn drying machine on the market stability is poor, the failure rate will be increasingly high, countries should accelerate the mechanization of grain production, reduce loss, reduce the transportation loss, the quality of grain drying is the main way to ensure high yield, stable grain output, but also directly affect the food grade, processing quality and edible quality the food and agriculture, affect the circulation of grain and the economic efficiency of enterprises and people's quality of life, and thus enhance the grain production enthusiasm. Vigorously promote the development of environmentally friendly corn dryer.
    The production of environmental protection type corn drying machine has the advantages of large drying capacity, stable operation and high elasticity. When the load of corn dryer has a large fluctuation, it can still operate stably at high mass transfer efficiency. And equipment should be able to ensure continuous operation for a long time. Corrosion resistance and not easy to plug, convenient operation, regulation and maintenance. Fluid flow resistance is small, the fluid through the small corn dryer pressure drop.
    Will greatly reduce the power consumption in the production, to reduce operation costs often. For the reduced pressure distillation operation, the larger pressure drop will cause the system to maintain the necessary vacuum. The conventional drying of high moisture corn must be adopted in the hot air temperature is high, will cause the seed coat and endosperm separation of corn, grain loose structure, increase the rate of fragmentation. The amplitude of a rainfall is too large, the precipitation speed is too fast, the drying time is too short in the drying process of the corn dryer, which will cause the decrease of the bulk density and the poor uniformity of water after drying.
    The low temperature hot air drying, precipitation less each time, the tempering process has a mixed grain quality process and long drying process between the quality of grain was increased by second after drying after drying process. After drying, the color and luster of maize were poor, the moisture content was higher and the maturity was worse. The moisture uniformity, color and luster of maize were significantly improved after two times of drying, especially for corn with high moisture content before drying, and the effect was more significant for the two time. The drying of corn drying machine gathered in the broken rate of contrast detection, especially in grain silos or through multi-channel lifting and conveying device into the grain, broken two times after drying rate than conventional crushing after drying rate reduced by about 2% on average, the high moisture corn drying effect, corn drying speed, uniform heating, in the work the cabin has good fluidity, after drying of grain storage directly.
    Corn drying machine adopts mixed flow drying process, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, low broken rate, grain drying after sells goods, is a set of efficient energy-saving drying process, moisture on-line detection technology, wireless communication technology, modern equipment system of grain drying control technology, efficient processing and drying system in smoke one, make full use of natural energy, to achieve high-quality, efficient, energy saving and environmental protection to grain drying. The automation of corn dryer improves the economic benefit, so that all the items of grain can reach the ideal value. Corn drying machine automation to improve food quality, drying grain moisture uniformity is small, part of the heat scene does not appear during storage of grain, bright color, the process is shortened and the crushing rate decreased after drying grain quality guaranteed.
    The operation is not good hot stove, furnace temperature without drying time, drying the paste food grain of rice, called to consult our engineers, low temperature coking is the common fault of corn drying machine of hot blast stove, this is due to the improper operation, caused by uneven air distribution, even distribution of the wind furnace low volume is too small, not raking frequently, no timely grilled casual will cause hot stove burner failure low temperature coking, startup wind control properly, small amount of time is too long, can cause a large area of coking furnace. The application of powder burning high rake PA burner handle the fault, the fire bed burning everywhere uniform, with the increase of temperature, should step by step increase, mainly to see the fire wind, not too fast nor too slow, especially in the 60 ~ 70 degrees before the time is shorter, faster to reach the critical air flow boiling fire coal should be diligent, investment, less investment, investment in bulk.
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