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    The overall advantage of grain drying tower in grain drying
    At present, the application rate of the grain drying tower is less than ten percent, with the acceleration of the process of agricultural mechanization, the market prospect of the new grain drying tower is very broad. A new grain drying tower for agricultural machinery agricultural modernization needs to realize better, more important is the new grain drying tower with low cost and high economic benefit of competitive advantages of R & D investment for more agricultural production operators to create greater economic benefits, the model has become a hot market for agricultural equipment.
    When the grain drying tower is dried, the grain is taken away by the heating and the excess moisture is taken out with the air flow to achieve the required moisture content. Operation attention of grain drying tower:
    1 each drying material can not exceed the maximum amount of input, otherwise it is easy to cause uneven grain drying, or water can not meet the requirements.
    2 in the operation of the drying tower, if you want to change the program settings, you need to stop, before the operation. When the food drying tower stops running, the residual material should be removed in time to avoid the next operation.
    3 electric furnace equipment needs maintenance. Regularly check whether the air outlet is blocked, dust bag clean up in time. Each hose connection, check once every other month.
    A new grain drying tower considered early in the design of small and medium sized business users to process the food crop diversity requirements, especially the design of grain discharging device can be applied to a variety of different sizes of grain, corn, rice, or wheat and other grain crops will dry well;
    The low price reduce costs compared to grain dryer grain processing enterprise configuration literally a will finance the purchase of hundreds of thousands of new grain dryer equipment package price of only about one hundred thousand, and simple installation after can be put into production, there is no need to prepare the corresponding construction investment.
    The drying effect beyond imagination: new opportunities through the introduction of grain dryer drying technology, after the integration of R & D team and re design of grain drying tower structure through continuous optimization experiment, drying effect of new grain drying tower now complete with natural drying of no difference, even the experts have lamented that the naked eye cannot distinguish which part what is the mechanical drying, natural drying;
    Reduce the cost to enhance economic benefits: in recent years, users generally reflect labor costs soaring, one of the most effective methods to reduce costs through the grain drying tower is configured according to the statistics, the average model for grain dryer continuous work 10 hours drying about 30 tons of grain, this 100 yuan of cost savings than manual in previous years, the average per ton dry.