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    Maintenance method of corn dryer in grain drying process
    The residence time of the material in the corn drying machine drum is one of the important factors affecting the drying rate, if the residence time of the material in the dryer drum is too short, increase of impurities contained in particulate material in the water, the surface adhesion in the bag filter, filter cloth filter reduces the permeability, prevent delay and the service life of the bag; if the material in the dryer drum of the retention time is too long, the drive power of the motor is too large, resulting in unnecessary waste of energy.
    Energy saving is the main direction and development of corn drying machine manufacturers, the corn drying machine to do the maximum energy saving, so thermal insulation is an important link, how to make the insulation performance reached the limit, is the focus of each manufacturer of. In order to limit the performance of insulation, not only to determine the role of our dryer equipment, as well as our operators also play an important role.
    1 normal control. The installation process to operate in the corn drying machine operation is very heavy, start drying machine is the first step to start the drying machine, after the start of wet material transportation equipment, and then start the material transport equipment, the formation of continuous and uniform operation procedures.
    2 regular inspection. For the regular inspection is also different, for each part of the bearing corn drying machine, in the process of work do not regularly check the temperature change parts can not exceed 50 DEG C, but also need to observe the gear noise is stable, transmission, supporting and rotating cylinder should be no significant impact, vibration and drive; also need to regularly check the bolt fasteners all, to see whether there is loose, check the rolling ring and the roller contact the tug.
    3 for the use of corn drying machine in the process, a period of time on the need to lubricate the parts of the equipment regularly refueling, as well as the motor used in the equipment, but also to do regular maintenance and inspection.
    Corn drying machine is a kind of equipment that uses heat energy to dry the material. Electric heaters are usually used for small drying equipment. Gas combustion engine and fuel burning machine are mainly used in large equipment, because of its high degree of automation, the use of a wide range of. Most of the coal stove is used in the production of steel slag, because the coal stove is easy to cause pollution of the material, can only be used for the material requirements are not strict industry.
    In the use of corn drying machine on people in the use of the continuous process of summed up some methods of drying machine maintenance, especially for those who just contact the dryer equipment, ready to use corn drying machine to create wealth and value for their users, it must be prior to use and use in the process of understanding corn drying machine maintenance and maintenance knowledge, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, reduce the loss of small mistakes caused by production.