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    Structural advantage of corn dryer in grain drying
    Corn drying machine is now widely used in the development of the work has been as a pillar as everyone knows, an emerging industry in the new era, extensive application of corn drying machine space and unique advantage occupy the dominant status in the economic development, the most typical representative of the business is in the domestic market, since the establishment of since it has focused on drying equipment R & D and production, more than and 10 years of efforts to create brilliant performance today, in order to develop the industry to move towards a broader market and better, as the largest company of corn drying machine businesses to actively seek a long-term and stable development of the road.
    Corn drying machine adopts the material balance and heat balance principle, the simplified static retaining external insulation, internal heat exchange device designed and installed to accommodate different materials of high yield and high efficiency heat exchange device, the corn drying machine of anti blocking vibration distributing device, flow control device, rotary crushing device, into the inner and outer ring the wind device, completely solve the jam problem; second is the two air drying technology and structure; in the detection system of on-line detection by preheating and drying zone, dry with 3 regional temperature and moisture content of gas, automatic balance control system, wind, coal, and on-line adjustment of heating capacity the system, the wind volume, two air distribution and heating capacity, material cut-off flow and residence time and other parameters of the system, in order to achieve the optimal process parameters of dynamic system To improve the utilization ratio of heat energy.
    1, strong applicability: a new type of corn drying machine is considered at the beginning of the design to small and medium-sized business users in the process of grain crop diversity requirements, especially the design of grain discharging device can be applied to a variety of different sizes of grain, corn, rice, or wheat and other grain crops will dry well;
    2, the low price reduce costs compared to grain dryer grain processing enterprise configuration literally a will finance the purchase of hundreds of thousands of new corn drying machine complete equipment price is only about one hundred thousand, after simple installation can be put into production, there is no need to prepare the corresponding construction investment;
    3, the drying effect beyond imagination: new opportunities the introduction of corn drying machine drying technology, after the integration of R & D team and re design of grain drying tower structure through continuous optimization experiment, the drying effect of new corn drying machine is now complete and natural drying of no difference, even the experts have lamented that the naked eye can not distinguish between what what is the mechanical part is drying, natural drying;
    4, reduce the cost to enhance economic benefits: in recent years, users generally reflect labor costs soaring, one of the most effective methods to reduce costs through the grain drying tower is configured such that the new corn drying machine can work continuously 10 hours drying about 30 tons of grain, this 100 yuan cost savings per ton than the artificial drying this year;
    Corn dryer science and technology show a leading role. Drying equipment market situation remained stable, the manufacturers generally obtained a better operating performance. At present, the obvious characteristics of the chemical industry of the drying equipment is the increasing role of the technical content. This and the past sales of products mainly rely on price competition has been very different. Some of the high technical content of drying equipment, pay attention to the development of new products manufacturers, increasing efficiency; some products with low technical content, new products and new technology development capacity of enterprises, the benefits began to decline.