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    Measures of saving energy and reducing consumption in the ap
    The grain drying process, the drying process of corn drying machine for material when the influence factors on the drying effects include temperature, wind speed, drying time, drying and material is uniform etc.. Corn drying machine in processing materials, if the temperature is too low will cause the wind, wind drying time is too long; if the temperature is too high, it will cause the drying time is short, but the high temperature wind will cause the material appearance of biochemical reactions, such as material composition changes.
    The fans used in corn dryers are generally large and often run continuously. When the material is used in all stages of the required air volume is different, the inverter can be used to control the fan speed, saving electricity can reach 30%. Therefore, the choice of frequency converter is the first step of energy saving measures.
    1, the overall insulation of corn dryer cylinder. The working principle of the dryer is to heat the air and materials into the cylinder, the cylinder body for heat exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of drying materials. We can see the importance of corn drying machine barrel from the working principle of integral insulation, thermal insulation work can greatly reduce the heat loss, even the heat loss is reduced to zero, to reduce the energy consumption.
    2, the design of hot air distributor. Hot air distributor is an important equipment in the whole of the corn dryer. All hot air must be connected with the wet material. The hot air distributor design perfect can perfect the hot air into the cylinder in contact with wet materials, has a direct effect on the degree of dry material, the material can meet the requirement of the effect, reduce unnecessary loss.
    3, circulating cooling water. Most of the cooling water is used in the fan and pump, the cooling water can be recycled in two places, so that we can save a lot of water resources. Therefore, the establishment of a good water circulation system is also extremely important.
    When the wind drying material in the corn drying machine is too small, the drying time will be extended, the material contraction risk, which will affect the quality of the material after drying, if the wind speed is too large, will make the material drying too quickly, because of the wind speed as a result of rapid drying fast, dangerous material a dry.
    If in the drying, drying is not uniform, will lead to a portion of the material temperature is too high, the moisture content is too low; if part of the material temperature is too low, it will cause high moisture content, material drying cannot meet the requirements, for some special drying materials, corn drying machine of the air temperature and velocity is easily identified. If the material is not single, it is difficult to control the uniformity of dry, if the dry humidity of different materials vary greatly, will seriously affect the quality of the material after drying. At this time, it is necessary to have a uniform distribution of air flow in the ventilation layer.
    The installation process to operate in the corn drying machine operation is very heavy, start the corn drying machine is the first step to start the drying machine, after the start of wet material transportation equipment, and then start the material transport equipment, the formation of continuous and uniform operation procedures. For the regular inspection is also different, for each part of the bearing corn drying machine, in the process of work do not regularly check the temperature change parts can not exceed 50 DEG C, but also need to observe the gear noise is stable, transmission, supporting and rotating cylinder should be no significant impact, vibration and drive; also need to regularly check the bolt fasteners all, to see whether there is loose, check the rolling ring and the roller contact the tug. For the use of corn drying machine in the process of a period of time, the need for equipment lubrication part of the regular refueling, as well as the motor used in the equipment, but also to do regular maintenance and inspection.