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    Improvement of drying equipment technology to improve grain
    With the development of agricultural mechanization, the production of corn drying tower is varied, generally the most common corn drying tower, in order to adapt to the market to meet the needs of users, and Runhong machinery developed a mobile grain drying machine, high degree of automation, advanced technology, simple structure, small volume and convenient operation, can move the place the operation, also for transport and mobile.
    The maintenance work is divided into minor repairs, repair, overhaul. Large, medium and small program compiled according to the use and maintenance of corn drying tower. There are accident repair, emergency measures to deal with the accident, is a non - planned. Corn drying tower inspection main points: its operation and wear, and record the main technical status before repair, load characteristics, as well as the main parts of the accuracy deviation.
    Corn drying tower in the process of operation, with the increase of time and working conditions, some parts of the device are different aging degree by abrasion, corrosion and gradually decrease, and the original precision, performance and efficiency. Corn drying tower in the food processing industry in the planned repair, you can get timely recovery. The repair and maintenance of corn drying tower can not be replaced by each other, because their work content and function are different.
    Generally in the application process of the food industry, even if it is a good mill equipment, if only the use of maintenance and not pay attention to, there will be trouble, corn drying tower had to stop repair. Maintenance can also make the corn drying tower in good performance can extend the service life of the equipment.
    China's current food has the stage characteristics of supply and demand structural surplus, asymmetry, individual species imbalance between supply and demand, promote the food supply side structural reforms, promote the transformation and development of food industry, quality and efficiency, is an important measure to enhance the competitiveness of food industry, the grain harvest year after year, grain and oil products, a sufficient number of species diversity, with the improvement of people's living standard and improve the quality of life, pay more attention to food products nutrition, health, green safety of corn drying tower requires more and more high.
    Corn dryer production by cyclic dry grain structure, Francis drying principle, high energy consumption, air duct is improved from the original single channel is changed into the structure of every two to design an air duct, and the mosaic insulation board in the drying tower body, and then made a circular air duct system can be carried out in two heating of corn drying tower using dryer heat conduction holes out of the heat, improve the thermal efficiency, save fuel and shorten the drying time, drying grain crops and make crops more uniform heating, gloss, broken rate has been a very good guarantee.