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The professional development of first-class products, grain grain dryer
Main products: grain drying tower | corn drying machine | corn drying tower

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  • Improvement of drying equipment technology to improve grain

    With the development of agricultural mechanization, the production of corn drying tower is varied, generally the most common corn drying tower, in order to adapt to the market to meet the needs of users, and Runhong machinery developed a mo...

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  • Measures of saving energy and reducing consumption in the ap

    The grain drying process, the drying process of corn drying machine for material when the influence factors on the drying effects include temperature, wind speed, drying time, drying and material is uniform etc.. Corn drying machine in proc...

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  • Structural advantage of corn dryer in grain drying

    Corn drying machine is now widely used in the development of the work has been as a pillar as everyone knows, an emerging industry in the new era, extensive application of corn drying machine space and unique advantage occupy the dominant s...

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  • Maintenance method of corn dryer in grain drying process

    The residence time of the material in the corn drying machine drum is one of the important factors affecting the drying rate, if the residence time of the material in the dryer drum is too short, increase of impurities contained in particul...

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  • Adjustment and maintenance in operation of corn dryer

    Corn drying machine on the market stability is poor, the failure rate will be increasingly high, countries should accelerate the mechanization of grain production, reduce loss, reduce the transportation loss, the quality of grain drying is...

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