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The professional development of first-class products, grain grain dryer
Main products: grain drying tower | corn drying machine | corn drying tower

National customer service hotline: 4000155369/18137228199
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    Add:By the way West Road North opened white Huanglong Industrial Zone

    Kaifeng city abundant machinery firmly believe that "integrity, cooperation, win-win situation, development" business philosophy, strict quality control of the equipment and provide fine pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.

    1、Selection of equipment type。
    2、According to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture of products。
    3、Train technical staff for customers。
    4、The company sent engineers and technicians to the user site for the user to plan the site, design the best processes and programs。

    1、Product acceptance。
    2、Assist client to develop construction plan。

    Customer service:
    1、Assign special after-sales service personnel to the site to guide customers to install and debug。
    2、Equipment installation and commissioning。
    3、On site training operator。
    4、After the installation of complete sets of equipment, full-time technical staff to help customers free on-site production, until the user satisfaction。