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The professional development of first-class products, grain grain dryer
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    Soybean Dryer-2

    Time and tide mix type grain dryer:
    Pure countercurrent grain dryer in the production and use are relatively small, most of the grain dryer and mixed flow grain dryer, so as to be able to play a greater role. Generally, along with countercurrent countercurrent, mixed use countercurrent and mixed grain dryer.
    Pure countercurrent drying machine is characterized by high thermal efficiency, high grain temperature, drying out the food temperature and moisture content is also more uniform, but the production efficiency is not very good.
    Countercurrent grain drying machine is one of the most advanced grain drying equipment, which is the first successful research in China, and won the two prize of national science and technology progress. The flow grain dryer is the combined drying process flow - countercurrent ", and according to the temperature of heated grain the grain dryer section variable temperature drying", a tempering section design between the drying section, "drying and tempering" alternately.
    The hot air temperature constant temperature in the drying period of strong winds at the top of the food rapid warming, and take a part of the surface of the water; the middle section with medium temperature of hot air drying off a lot of water; after drying section, grain temperature has increased, so the bottom of the drying section with low temperature can be removed in the grain interior adsorption force strong water and avoid grain temperature rise too high; finally after full cooling section, safe water and temperature for food can be directly stored in the warehouse. The drying tower will be the "downstream" or "counter" drying process optimization combination, to achieve the optimal effect, is our fine grain drying tower model.
    Product yield and characteristics:
    The finished product has bright color, no paste, no broken grains, and reaches the national standard.
    1 power equipment:
    Unit total installed capacity see equipment list. Corn consumption per ton of coal about 20-35 kg. In order to achieve high yield, low consumption, lower production costs, to achieve maximum economic benefits.
    Drying tower covers an area of 15 meters x 15 meters, about 20 meters high.
    Supplier supply range:
    1, the project a full set of equipment supply, equipment installation, technician training.
    2, the supply of equipment; a full set of design drawings, spare parts supply.
    3, perennial technical advice and technical services; product quality warranty period of one year.