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The professional development of first-class products, grain grain dryer
Main products: grain drying tower | corn drying machine | corn drying tower

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    Soybean Dryer-1

    Product yield and characteristics:
    The finished product has bright color, no paste, no broken grains, and reaches the national standard.
    1 power equipment:
    Unit total installed capacity see equipment list. Corn consumption per ton of coal about 20-35 kg. In order to achieve high yield, low consumption, lower production costs, to achieve maximum economic benefits.
    Drying tower covers an area of 15 meters x 15 meters, about 20 meters high.
    Supplier supply range:
    1, the project a full set of equipment supply, equipment installation, technician training.
    2, the supply of equipment; a full set of design drawings, spare parts supply.
    3, perennial technical advice and technical services; product quality warranty period of one year.